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Commercial Epoxy Flooring for Your Washington, D.C. Business

Choose commercial epoxy flooring for whatever business you put on top the flooring we create.

A solid, durable and hardy flooring system is the base of every good business.

Sure, you’ve got the stellar products and services, but what are those if not resting on a high quality base? 

Commercial epoxy flooring is just what you’ve been looking for, whether your commercial building needs an update stylistically or structurally. It’s easy to not take into account the harsh environment our floors may be exposed to on a daily basis. 

Whether it be weather, the heavy weight of machinery, caustic chemicals or constant foot traffic. Commercial epoxy flooring has become a big trend — and with good reason. 

The importance of solid commercial flooring can’t be denied, making it of the utmost importance to choose a long lasting and durable flooring system that can withstand the wear and tear of daily work and weather changes.

Basement floor paint-free estimate
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We offer the best quality of commercial epoxy in Washington, D.C.

At Epoxy Flooring Washington, D.C., we offer commercial epoxy flooring amongst various other epoxy solutions. We value high quality and long-lasting work that protects your existing floor and adds value to your property.

Commercial epoxy floors are virtually indestructible and will protect your building and customers for years and years to come. 

Hot grease from food prep, motor oil, and even the most caustic chemicals prove no match for the strength and flexibility of our commercial epoxy flooring.

Commercial epoxy varies with styles.

What’s even better than durability is the stylistic value epoxy adds in addition to strength. Whether you’re looking for a simple clear coat, concrete polishing or a complex decorative or metallic design, we provide the very best protection for your floors through commercial epoxy flooring. Whatever your epoxy flooring installation and design needs, Epoxy Flooring Washington, D.C. has you covered.

Our Washington, D.C. epoxy experts serve you with high standards of epoxy products.

We only use durable, high quality products to create commercial epoxy flooring. With multiple finish options, textures, and colors, our experts can create any epoxy floor that you could dream. We value quality craftsmanship, reliability and trustworthiness. 

This accountability is how we’ve earned the respect of all the customers we’ve served and all those to come. The commercial properties we provide service to are thrilled with the results we provide every time. We leave every space we enter changed for the better.

Q: Should I epoxy my basement floor?

A: If you’re wondering whether you should epoxy the basement floor, we certainly recommend it! 

Especially in areas where flooding is common and will ruin carpets.

In our professional opinions, yes you should epoxy your basement floor.

We Create Epoxy Flooring Like No One Else Can.

If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area, what are you waiting for?

Epoxy flooring is our calling — and it shows! 

We proudly claim thousands of satisfied customers. We’re hoping to hear from you soon and get started on your commercial or residential epoxy flooring project.

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Basement floor paint-free estimate
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