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You Won’t Find Decorative Epoxy Better Than Ours.

When you’re looking for beautiful durability look no further than the decorative epoxy flooring in Washington, D.C.

If you’re in search of beautiful, flawless and decorative epoxy but are worried that it can’t take all that’s thrown at it, consider our epoxy coating system.

The flooring solutions we create are a piece of art all on their own and can withstand constant foot traffic and heavy loads like machinery and vehicles. What’s more, spills and caustic chemicals simply wipe away with no stain or damage.

There’s no need to sacrifice fashion for function when you can have both. Our team of professional epoxy contractors in Washington, D.C. have the combination of beauty and strength you’ve been searching for.

Our epoxy flakes and epoxy paints create lustrous decorative epoxy finishes that handle wear and tear, meaning your floor will continue to be eye-catching long after it’s installed.

Basement floor paint-free estimate
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Washington D.C. decorative epoxy for your home and business properties.

We create painted garage floors and metallic epoxy flooring for basements, kitchens, factories and warehouses that are as durable as they are attractive. We have the experience and know-how to understand what it takes to develop a decorative epoxy flooring solution for both residential projects as well as large scale commercial projects. Our teams are always learning and further developing their skills.

Epoxy paint and epoxy flakes can be part of a whole flooring system installation or can be added in our concrete polishing process.

For your hotel lobbies, offices, retail shops, shopping malls, art galleries, studios, showrooms, lofts, furniture stores, restaurants, night clubs, casinos, basements, counter tops and garage floors, decorative epoxy flooring is a gorgeous, durable choice.

Our contractors provide a unique combination of beauty and durability in all that they do, working closely with you, their clients, to install decorative epoxy that meets the requirements of the commercial or residential building they’re installed in.

We offer epoxy flooring with various decorative styles you can choose.

Our decorative epoxy flooring systems are as diverse as they come and span across a wide spectrum, varying in appearance. One thing remains due to our advanced epoxy and waterborne coating technologies. Our flooring is specially formulated for both interior and exterior applications that combine both elegance and durability.

We offer a wide range of decorative epoxy pigments and epoxy flakes to create a completed floor you could only dream of before the onset of epoxy. Our clients are able to choose from multi-colored quartz aggregates, vinyl and mica flake broadcast media and metallic epoxy pigments to achieve a custom flooring made unique to them.

Whether you’re an interior designer, home renovator or business owner, the range of what our contractors are capable of are available in a variety of options. We meet your needs for beauty and durability with our decorative epoxy.

Q: What are the benefits of epoxy flooring?

A: Because of epoxy’s durable and protective properties, the appearance of epoxy will last for years — certainly longer than any tile, carpet or wood flooring will last. 

After the initial installation, your epoxy won’t need any maintenance for quite some time.

We Create Epoxy Flooring Like No One Else Can.

If you’re in the Washington, D.C. area, what are you waiting for?

Epoxy flooring is our calling — and it shows! 

We proudly claim thousands of satisfied customers. We’re hoping to hear from you soon and get started on your commercial or residential epoxy flooring project.

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Basement floor paint-free estimate
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